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Stand Up Meeting


We know that navigating the buying and selling process can sometimes be overwhelming. After closing over 300 transactions, we've listened to our clients and produced a list of their most asked questions. We hope this helps to demystify things. Of course, we're always here if you need more clarity or have additional questions. 

  • Do I need to work with an agent?

    • It's in your best interest to work with a qualified licensed real estate agent. We know you've heard the expression, "Who you work with matters." It does. There are many intricacies in a real estate transaction. A qualified agent can help you avoid and/or maneuver any possible pitfalls.​

  • As a buyer, how do I know how much I can afford? Do I need a pre-approval?

    • As a buyer, you should definitely get pre-approved with a lender first. A lender will review your finances to determine your purchasing power. Once you're pre-approved, you'll be ready to make an offer when you find your dream home!​

  • I'm thinking of selling my home. What's next?

    • Our team will meet with you in your home, walk the home and property, and discuss your future plans and timeline. We'll follow up with a competitive market analysis and strategically price your home. ​

  • How do I prepare my home for sale?

    • Our services include complimentary staging and a session with an organizer. They'll highlight the features of your home and prepare it to look its very best for professional photos (also complimentary) and to hit the market. We typically host an Open House the first Sunday after the listing is live.​

  • I need an attorney - can you help?

    • Yes! We can recommend several attorneys that we've worked with over the years.​

  • What is 'attorney review'?

    • Typically 3-5 business days when your attorney will review the contract and come to
      an agreement with the other party's attorney. Riders are exchanged with proposed
      changes to the contract. During ARIP (attorney review in process), either party may
      cancel the transaction for any reason whatsoever.​

  • What does 'under contract' mean?

    • Once the contract is finalized during attorney review, you will be under contract. A
      deposit will be due from the buyer, typically within 10 days, to the escrow account
      of the seller’s attorney.​

  • What happens with a home inspection?

    • Inspections are held to identify any major issues with the property. Any issues are negotiated through the attorneys. Once agreed, the inspection contingency will be considered satisfied.​

  • What if the home under appraises?

    • Typically, the seller will either have to lower the price or the buyer will have to find additional funding.​

  • When is the mortgage commitment issued?

    • The final commitment letter is issued once everything has been approved through underwriting and loan processing, the property has appraised, and title has cleared.​

  • What happens at the walk through?

    • The buyer will do a final walk through (typically the day of the close) to make sure
      any agreed upon inspection requests were completed and the house is broom
      clean and ready to change ownership.​

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